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Levi & Nikita

These two dogs are like the kids I've never had.  They are absolutely precious to me.  They are very loving, affectionate (especially Nikita) and obedient.  I can't wait till the time comes when Nikita has puppies.  At that time, the house will be finished and I'll probably have 8 or 9 dogs running around instead of 2!  I'm sure Joe, not to mention King Levi, will have some choice words to say about that.  Joe loves the dogs, but he thinks I tend to get carried away with them!  I'm sure we'll end up selling the pups, by I'll be devastated with the departure of each one.

Sex Weight Birthdate Color Motto...
Levi Male 105 lbs. July 22, 1997 Black & Tan "Let's play ball!"
Nikita Female 87 lbs. May 19, 1998 Black & Tan "I want a treat!"
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